Denny will be at Level 3 pricing for Q2 of 2024 in Glen Burnie to reduce the number of customers the location is turning away.

Denny, founder of Kisner's Solutions, Kisner's Salon Company


Denny Kisner is an authority for Men’s Grooming and Leadership Networking for other experts in their respective fields.

His personal brand signifies more than just exceptional barbering and grooming skills; it signals a mastery over the nuances that make a professional truly stand out. With over 18 years in the business and 30,000 services provided.

Denny is a mentor, a coach, and a firm believer in lifelong learning. As the founder of Kisner’s Hair Company, he has built an eco-system of like-minded humans rooted in core values that resonate with both his team and clientele.

These core values include:

1) A Dedication to Self-Improvement

2) Having a Positive Impact

3) Being Highly Collaborative

4) G.S.D (Gets Shit Done)

5) Goal Oriented

6) Professionalism

Denny’s guest list is exclusive with a very limited clientele.

Level 6 Barber Educator

Barber Haircut Experience = $79+

Friday & Saturday in Glen Burnie 9am – 5pm



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